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These hammocks are the most amazing!  I have one in my bedroom and a few for the outside.  Every time someone comes to my room the hammock is always the seat of choice.  I have had mine for many years and there are no signs of wear, even after being used everyday.  A great product!  



We have 4 of Linda’s hammock chairs hanging under our deck- it’s a favorite place for all the neighborhood kids/teens to “hangout”.  They have lasted for years even though they have been swung on and used often and been in every kind of weather.  

Kate Walters, Eden Prairie MN


I just love my chair. I relax on my deck as well as read.  They just continue to get better with time.  

Sally Wahlberg, Minnetonka MN


Hi, I bought your hammock chair 8+ years ago.  It gets lots of use.  We love it. Still looks great.  

Lisa Nelson


These hammocks are the bomb.  I bought mine in 1995 or 96- it faded but it is still as strong and viable as the day I bought.  If you have one,  get another for a friend. 

Bear Murray, CO


For ten years the hammock made by Linda has been a refuge of peace and relaxation and many years of joy are to follow. Thank you Linda for such a wonderful creation!

Greg Dominguez, Aurora CO


Another 10 year testimonial!  I bought the large hammock when I was with my first husband....he may be gone but my hammock is still my sanctuary.  Camping, on vacation, even the back yard, my hammock was the best long term purchase I ever made!

Carrie, Aurora CO


My favorite item I have bought at the Little Falls fair!

Sandy, Andover, MN


Hammock we had ten years, the chair over 5 years.  Great product, we enjoy them both very much.  And withstand Colorado weather.  We are very pleased.  Thank you.

Deb Ecker


2010  I bought my hammock from you about 10 or 11 years ago and it has travelled everywhere I go.  Still in beautiful condition having been hung from trees, garages, indoors and out, even between 18 wheelers.  If it ever wears out I will definitely buy another. 

Ashva, CO



We love our hammock.  It has been on our screened front porch for the 9 years.  Everyone runs for it.  The best thing we have purchased for father’s day- Dad has to beg to use it!

Cara Kuanbel Red Wing, MN


7-10-11  Great hammock I test it all the time! 

Ed Taylor, Parker CO


7-10-11  I dearly love my chair.  It is so relaxing!  I also bought the hammock.  My daughter is here to buy a chair also.  It’s the best thing I have ever bought!  (I’ve had it for 7 yrs).

Joy Wollins, Pueblo, CO


7-24-11  Replacing our hammock after 22+ years- we love it!  It has given us many years of joy! 

Allen and Alli Sparks, Engelwood CO



10-9-11  We bought 2 for our boys ten years ago and they’ve held up beautifully!  They’re well worth the money!

Lynn Dulab, Red Wing MN


I bought this hammock in 1996 and love it!  Just toss it in the washing machine.  I relax in it every night- hangs in my screen porch.

Bonnie Carr Minnetonka, MN


6-9-12  I have bought several hammocks over the years and been absolutely delighted with them.  They hold up very well and are tremendously comfortable for 2.  The grandchildren love to wrap up in it and we swing as high as we can and be very safe.  We love them.  

Kay Thacker MD Littleton, CO


I love my hammock!  I sit in it every day.  It was one of the best purchases I ever made!

So comfy.  I also have back problems- sitting in the hammock helps my back.

anonymous, CO


I love my hammock and so do my grandkids.  I have had mine for 25 years.  It now lives on my back porch where it is enjoyed year round by all.  Nothing is more comfortable.

Ruth, CO


These are great hammocks.  I bought mine in 2007  and it still looks like new.  Mine hangs between two aspen trees.  They are made very sturdy and I think it will last for years to come.

Rich, Woodland Park, CO


Purchased hammock in 2011.  Hung with 4x4 posts.  My daughter decided to swing in the hammock with 3 more of her teenage friends (so not little kids) and one other pushing.  The 4x4 post cracked and broke.  I was extremely pleased the hammock was intact- not even stretched!!  Wonderfully made!  Thank you for such a wonderful product! ♥

Melanie H


7-15-12   “When you lie down to take a nap it feels like teddy bears are hugging you”

(statement made by a young child at the Colorado Renaissance Festival)


9-15-12  I've had my chair hammock for 15 years and it's great!  Everyone who sits in it loves it.  They are so soft.

Harriette W.  Stillwater, MN


10-7-12  Fantastic.  We have enjoyed our hammock for years.  I originally bought for myself and now my grandkids love it too!.  Summer arrives at our home when we put ours out.  If my grandkids don't swing in it, the grownups are!  We love it, and it's very sturdy; has held up for years!

Yancy  MN


6-29-13  We have had our chairs for 20+ years.  Love it, use it, and it is still in great shape.  Get one, you will love it too.

Stuart Firestone CO.


6-30-13  Bought my hammock last year-and use the crap out of it!  Both my pitbull and I sleep like babies in it!  Plan on keeping it til I DIE!! :)  Can't wait to buy another!

Mikaya Colorado Springs, CO


6-6-14 I love my hammock.  I hang it so I can overlook the lake, and promply fall asleep!  Mine is an original- very old- and very comfortable.

Susan L CO


9-21-14  I love my hammock chair- 15 years on the front porch to meditate and heal.  Swing like a child.

Judi Carlson. MN


6-6-15  Love, love it!  Had my hammock chair since eary 1990s.  Still hang in my porch every summer.  I just throw it in the washing machine.

Bonnie Cain Minnetonka, MN


6-6-15  Got our first hammock 12 years ago and came back for 2 more.  Still using all three and love them.  They are the most comfortable hammocks I have ever tried.

Kerry Cain Colorado Springs CO


June 2015  Best hammocks in the world.  Have had our original for 12 years.  It is heaven on a pregnant body.  The squirrels nibbled it 2 years ago.  Linda fixed it  for us and it is good as new.  We love our hammock!

Julie Jordan   Arvada CO


8-19-15  Linda, Just wanted to add a "testimonial" for you...I saw your hammocks at the Colorado Renaissance Festival and had to lay in one.  It was so comfortable I immediatly wanted one but knew my available space was very limited.  I had to go home and measure things out to see if I could make it work.  The measurements looked like they would work. After calling and talking to you, you were kind enough to drive up to where I was (near Morrison) with several samples..  I bought a multicolor hammock and we were both on our way..  Even though the space is tight I've got it set up on my patio and it's easily removable... Thank you for the very comfy hammock and for going out of your way to bring it my way.

Jason  Morrison CO


6-3-16 I love my hammock.  I hang it out overlooking the lake and, before I know it, I have rocked myself to sleep.

Susan L Colorado


6-4-16  We have 4 hammocks hanging in our pine trees, they are fabulous!  It's our favorite pastime!  Everyone needs one of these!  Linda is awesome!!

Paula, Victoria MN


6-18-16  We have had our hammock for 8 years and love it.  It has lasted and is in great shape.  Bring it inside in the winter.  We love it!

Renz family Colorado


6-18-16  This swing was the best gift I ever bought myself.  Thank you and blessings.

Jennifer Severance CO


7-9-16  Somewhere between 15 to 20 years ago I bought this comfortable hammock.  It has been a place of comfort and relaxation all these years. Keep it clean and dry and the comfort goes on!  Thank you and may your life be blessed.

Gregory Dominguez CO


7-17-16  The full size hammock is amazing!  We were told to buy one by our son's therapist for sensory integration to help him calm down and come back to center- It was one of the best things we ever purchased- 8 years later it is still used and as amazing as the first day we took it home.

Dawn Welch CO


7-22-16  We have three chair hammocks.  They have hung on our porch year round and are holding up fantastically.  We have two teenagers and when their friends come over they "fight" for who gets the hammocks!  We love these hammocks!

K Thulen Denver CO